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The time is now to embrace social media to advertise your business.

In today's climate of Facebook Youtube and Instagram, snappy EYE-CATCHING social media content is what you need to get your business noticed. From custom content created just for you, or license one of our ready-made social media videos to show off your business to your client base and the WORLD (with the ability to add your logo and personalise with your own specific end-line message, this is a great way to cost effectively add content). We are also able to supply illustrative stills and other graphics for whatever you need for your company's social media platforms.

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Get your social media noticed

At Public Notice we like to do things differently. Your social media videos need to POP and stand out from the crowd in the very first second otherwise you run the risk of being overlooked. For bright fresh and fun ideas contact us today to see what we can do for you. And even if your product or service is beyond boring, consider linking your company in with a cause such as the environmental examples above and license one of these ready to go videos, with the added bonus of being cheaper than a commissioned video. We have the ideal way to promote your business either directly to your current following or further afield.

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About us

Public Notice is an offshoot of, a storyboarding, illustration and animation company owned by Tim Hunt. Tim has been involved in the advertising industry predominantly as a storyboard artist since 2001.

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